Buying a reliable kitchen faucet is not an easy task as most people think. Most people buy kitchen faucets by only considering the looks and the price. The reason why others find it hard when buying kitchen faucets is that there are very many models and brands in the market. There are countless kitchen faucet models with unique functions that one can choose from. To make a worthwhile investment when purchasing kitchen faucets, read the following tips.

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Number of Holes

The first thing to look at is the number of holes on the kitchen faucet. Whether you are installing a new or upgrading an old kitchen faucet, you need to consider the number of holes. Always make sure that you invest in a kitchen faucet that needs a specified number of holes. Traditional kitchen faucets used to have only three holes regardless of whether they serve cold or hot water. Traditionally the fourth hole is needed for the placement of the sprayer. The most popular kitchen faucets require just a single hole and an additional one for the sprayer. You can consult with your plumbing contractor for guidance if you are stranded on which faucet and the number of holes required.



Price is also as important as other aspects herein. You need to consider the price of the kitchen faucet if you are financially disciplined. Always buy a kitchen faucet that you can afford. It is good to do your homework by shopping around to apprehend the range in pricing. Carrying out your due diligence about the prices will help you to draft a budget that will be reasonable in this particular investment.


Type of Handle

You will also need to consider the type of handle you will want your new kitchen faucet to have. A typical kitchen faucet has either a single rotating handle that rotates in a certain direction for temperature variation or a double-edge handle that mixes warm and cold water. A single handle kitchen faucet is essentially easy to use compared to the double-edged faucet handle. Make your choices based on your personal preferences.


Hardware Finish

Always keep in mind the hardware finish of a given model of the kitchen faucet. There are no rules pegged for choosing a faucet when considering the hardware finish. It is good to consider investing in a kitchen faucet that is designed almost the same as your home design. However, you should not be too adamant with this factor since other aspects like durability and price weight more than the finish. Try to choose a kitchen faucet that is stylish to give your kitchen a classy appearance.


Always remember to test the kitchen faucet before handing over your money or placing an order from your favorite online store. Test-driving before you purchase to give you a chance to know the kind of product you are about to buy. The reason why testing is important is that some products have no return policies or warranties. Therefore, make sure the faucet is in good condition before buying.