3 Most Common House Pests & How to Deal with Them

From cockroaches to termites, household pests always appear everywhere, especially in the summer. If you find there are lots of ‘housemates’ (read: pests) in your dwelling, do these tips below to get rid of them.


a-cockroachMaybe this is one of the most common types of pests you meet at home. Not only dirty, but this one pest can also carry various diseases. Cockroaches usually enter the house through the cracks of the walls and sewer pipes. These animals are very interested in places with lots of food and humid temperatures.

How to overcome:

It’s complicated, of course, to say whether you have removed all the cockroaches in your house or not. One reason is that they multiply very quickly. So even though you have killed one cockroach, there may be many other cockroaches hiding. Cockroach eggs are also very hidden, and you cannot turn them off using only ordinary insecticides. Therefore, without professional skills and skills, it may be difficult to get rid of all cockroaches in your home.


termites-colonyFrom a quarter inch to an inch in size, termites are small, destructive pests without your knowing it. These animals tend to accumulate wherever you see dead trees and plants because they like to eat wood. If your house has a lot of furniture, floors, walls or ceiling of a house made of wood, you must be more careful about this termite attack.

How to overcome:

Some warning signs of termite attacks are cracked, or there are wall paint bubbles and hollow wood. The best way to deal with this is to cut off their food sources by repairing leaking taps and pipes, and keeping the moisture so that the wood in your home does not become a termite nest.


a-trapped-ratRodents like mice have very different reproductive habits and capacities. Mice tend to be careful around traps and bait, and tend to breed in places that are difficult to access. Meanwhile, rats enter the house to look for protection (food, water, the right temperature) because mice are also more famous because as carriers of disease, it is vital to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

How to overcome:

If you see mice at home, chances are many other mice are hiding. Do not take action yourself because you could potentially get serious illness if they bite. Instead, you should use professional services to help you destroy them from home before damaging and endangering you and your family members.

Don’t wait long until the problem gets big. Contact the services of a professional pest control specialist immediately. If you live in San Diego, you can try to reach exterminator San Diego. Send a work request and get a professional and experienced pest exterminator who can provide solutions and suggestions for pest problems in your home.…