Four plumbing tools everyone should have

Occasionally, the home plumbing system may experience problems that disrupt the normal operation of the system such as clogged drains, clogged toilets, hose leaks, etc. Some of these problems are not difficult for an owner to repair. For minor problems that do not require a plumber, a homeowner must have a good plumbing kit to help them make good condition because it is essential that appropriate tools are used to prevent further damage and costs.

Must have plumbing tools

Pipe wrenchplumbing

This is a flexible tool used to tighten or loosen the threaded end of the pipe and fittings with a spherical surface. This is also called plumber wrench and comes in various sizes and can be used for different purposes. The serrated teeth help the wrench to grip the surface you turn, but when not used correctly, can damage the fixture’s finish. An adjustable spanner can be used in place of this tool.


This is an essential tool to have at home because it is used to remove the drains, bathtubs, toilets, showers and clogged drains. When used on a blocked sink, the press firmly against the drain hole (for 5 seconds) and pull forcefully, do this continuously until the drain is cleared.

Measuring tape

This tool is commonly called tape measure used by technicians for a rapid and accurate measurement of the length of an object. It comes in different models such as fabric, steel, fiberglass, etc. and sizes which may be either in meters or feet.


The screwdriver is used for tightening and loosening a variety of components such as hose clamps, faucet knobs, as well as changing washers, taking appliances apart, and performing other plumbing tasks.

Factors to consider when shopping for plumbing tools


This should be your priority. It might seem like common sense, but make sure you know what supplies you buy! For example, some tools are used to unblock drains, while others allow you to repair leaking pipes. The usefulness of these tools depends on your plumbing goals. There is a huge difference between fixing a broken drain and fixing a broken pipe, and your choices in the plumbing equipment should clearly indicate. The last thing you want is to make a costly investment in a tool that has no purpose in your plumbing situation!


Plumbing tools come with a wide range of tools and equipment. They vary in forms and specialized sizes. These different tools are ranked by the task.


The costs can be a proqualityblem, but the purchase of high-quality plumbing equipment should not be ridiculously expensive. Like many plumbers would tell you, there are many excellent plumbing tools available at reasonable prices. All you need is proper research and references to ensure you find the best quality equipment for your occasion.…