Shower Splashbacks Maintenance Tips

Shower splashbacks or the backsplashes are mainly classified based on their material and size. They play a major role while in the shower because they protect the bathroom wall from being damaged by water, which can cause the growth of mildew thus encouraging thriving of pests. In this regard, shower splashback panels should be made of materials that are waterproof, resistant to steam and grout free. Shower splashbacks are essential for protecting the bathroom wall when bathing. For this reason, you should decide on the time to scour the shower splashback. Below are shower splashbacks maintenance tips.

Care of shower splashbacks

Use a soft material to clean

Using the proper cleaning material for a perfect finish of your shower shower splashbackssplashback is paramount. Some of the flashbacks don’t stand the use of a rough material such as metal or plastic scourer because these types of materials may scratch the finish or even cause lasting damage. Make sure you use a soft free cloth or towel to clean off the marks or spills regardless of what splashback you have. In case you want a splash free finish, ensure you have dried your shower splashback using another clean, dry cloth.

Use the proper cleaning materials

Just like you are supposed to use the right clothes on your shower splashback, you are also expected to be cautious and use the appropriate cleaning materials. No matter what material is used to make your splashback, an all-purpose cleaner or a specific stainless steel cleaner is suitable. You should also use a cleaning detergent and water because this maintains the finish.

Ensure you remove spills and splashes the moment they appear

You are supposed to clean and eliminate any splash or spill as soon as they occur because shower splashbacks are made of resilient materials. For easy maintenance, it is advisable to remove them when they are still fresh, and this will help to minimize the occurrence of stains in the splashback material.

shower splashbacks 2Clean the shower splashback regularly and thoroughly

Cleaning of the splashback twice a day will help maintain the finish. It will last longer. A thorough cleaning will also ensure the shower splashback will not last easily; therefore it will retain its look just as you bought it.

Make sure you keep the shower splashback sealed

Splashbacks are supposed to be sealed well against water, regardless of the material they are made from. However, how well they are sealed depends on the type of splashback you are using. Take an example of stone splashbacks; they will require a sealant reapplied yearly. All splashbacks need a silicone all around its outer edges to prevent water penetrating behind them. You are also supposed to have the shower splashbacks regularly serviced and the damaged ones replaced.…